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我们使用相应语言为超过 160 个国家和地区的用户提供服务,使每个国家内的企业及公共机构用户均可使用所选语言免费发布任意数量的多媒体消息,并可通过专业译员将这些媒体消息翻译为任意目标语言。


Users have direct contact with Kontax partner translation companies – most of which have ISO 9001 or equivalent certification, and all of which apply EN 15038 quality assurance procedures – appointed in each country to ensure translated press releases are optimized in terms of cost and quality.


Distributed to journalists and social media all around the world, optimized for search engines in every country, Kontax means users can promote their products, sell their services, pick their partners, and monitor their markets worldwide.


12 EUR

  • Publication of press releases in the language and field of your choice

  • Multimedia press releases (YouTube videos, pictures…)

  • Unlimited text

  • Complete online Press Release Management System

  • Automatic syndication of press releases in leading social media worldwide

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of press releases

  • Accessible on mobile devices and handhelds

80 EUR

  • Optimized translation costs as a result of in-country translation companies
  • Translations performed by a world network of translation companies with ISO 9001 or equivalent certification
  • Press release translations available in more than 160 countries and their respective languages
  • Direct contact with the translation company designated for your country
  • Integrated quality assurance

149 EUR

  • Targets include 900,000 journalists
  • Readership by a minimum of 2,000 journalists guaranteed
  • Formatting compliant with Newswire standards / NewsML standard indexing
  • Real-time readership statistics/ Detailed reporting


  • Market Monitoring in all languages, countries, and market sectors
  • RSS feeds by field and language
  • PR alerts – available by city, country, language, field, and keyword
  • Number of views for each PR by country
  • Archive and Search system available in all major languages

Here’s how Kontax optimizes the global impact of your press releases:

  When you publish a press release, Kontax sends you an alert by e-mail. Forward it to your friends, customers and prospects, for greater social impact!

To translate a press release, go to your User panel, select the press release and click on the "Translate" icon : Your Kontax Translation Manager will take care of the rest. In a global economy, this optimizes its international impact.

To distribute a press release, go to your User Panel, select the press release and click on the "Distribute" You control the date of distribution, to optimize its impact in time.

To optimize their global impact, your press releases (and translations) are automatically

included in the multilingual daily alerts and weekly newsletters sent to Kontax users,

included in the RSS feeds generated by Kontax,

relayed by Kontax to social media such as Twitter, Facebook etc.