• Kontax is a global press release service

     For corporate and institutional customers
     Available in more than 160 countries and their respective languages

     Publish    Translate    Distribute    Track

  • Publish

     Publication of press releases in the language and field of your choice
     Unlimited number of press releases and volume of text
     Multimedia press releases (YouTube videos, pictures...)

  • Translate

     Optimized translation costs as a result of in-country translation companies
     Translations available in over 60 languages
     Integrated quality assurance ISO 9001 or equivalent

  • Distribute

     Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
     Distributed to journalists and social media
     Market Monitoring, RSS feeds and PR alerts by field and language

  • Track

     Automatic analysis of media results
     Number of readers for each PR by country
     Archive and Search system

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