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Business The one-stop online store for CCTV security surveillance systems

Release Date | 2012-12-21

Get factory price CCTV accessories supplies to keep their CCTVs running efficiently The one-stop online store for CCTV security surveillance systems

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Shenzhen, China – It is fundamentally important to secure the life and property of each and every individual belonging to the different spheres of life. Previously residential buildings, commercial complexes and retail outlets hired security guards alone to ensure that they are secured and nothing can pose a threat to their security. But in the present times when the entire world is traumatized by the bloody terror attacks and other great fraudulent and criminal activities that often send a shiver down one’s spine, it obviously implies that the security system needs to be strengthened further.

Thus nowadays in most commercial buildings, offices, shopping malls, even in residential complexes people are installing the CCTV camera security systems which, they feel are a more integrated and sophisticated security system that can ensure their overall safety. To keep the CCTV camera security system running properly, a good set of CCTV accessories & supplies are needed from time to time and an online store can provide its customers with good quality factory price CCTV accessories supplies. Using good quality CCTV accessories and supplies will obviously improve the performance of the CCTV. The camera lens is important because on the quality and focal length of the lens depends the clarity of the image.

There are countless other CCTV accessories and supplies and a buyer needs to consider each one prior to placing order to make sure that his or her CCTV camera security system can do the job of continuous monitoring effectively. offers the CCTV accessories and supplies to its customers at the factory price or manufacturing price only and no extra money is charged. Therefore these accessories become quite affordable for customers.

This e-store operates under the company Surway Technology Co Ltd. It is the online wholesaler of this company which specializes in the production and exportation of affordable CCTV surveillance security systems worldwide. The company’s services are seasoned by the beneficial influences of 10 years experience. Customers can trust this store and buy from here because their services are superb, their products are top quality and their prices are reasonable. The other advantages customers can enjoy are superior after-sale services, quick delivery of products, no minimum requirement for the orders, drop shipping. Some of the major factory price CCTV accessories supplies sold at the store are CCTV Lens, CCTV Cables, CCTV Brackets, CCTV Housing, Power adaptors, Video Baluns and so on.

‘I needed to replace some of my CCTV Camera Housing accessories and at I found the required accessories at amazingly low price’ says a customer who is happy after CCTV BNC Connector shopping from

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