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PirateBox Parrots Freedom of Expression

Release Date | 2014-06-02

The Internet is not the only means of exchanging cultural content: if hand to hand still works very well, a small tool appeared in 2012 that can be used to set up your own file-sharing network: the PirateBox - and version 1.0 has just been released.

PirateBox Parrots Freedom of Expression

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Paris, France - June 2, 2014 - If the system made its appearance two years ago, version 1.0 has only just been finalized, said David Darts, the inventor of the PirateBox. The small device can establish a wireless local area network, which can connect different devices, from computers to mobiles. For $ 35, an organization or institution can create a completely secure personal network.

The latter argument has become one of the most important for David Darts: Edward Snowden’s revelations about the NSA and mass surveillance of the Internet have revived the debate on confidentiality, privacy and freedom of expression on the Web. For the time being, the Box operates autonomously, without the possibility of acting as an Internet router, but the community federated around the project is working on it.

PirateBoxes were adopted by librarians and other representatives in the information and education sector: "Musicians and groups have used it to distribute their music at concerts or festivals, by teachers to collect and distribute digital content to their students, and rescue teams or volunteers to disseminate information in case of emergency", lists David Darts to Torrent Freak.

All of which are uses that the inventor and lead developer Matthias Strubel had not anticipated. Library Box made its appearance in 2012. The amended version of the PirateBox allowed librarians to drop files freely available on the network, without allowing users to modify or drop files themselves. A guarantee of security against the risk of viruses or illegal sharing, not to be neglected.


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