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Release Date | 2017-01-13

international expo of contemporary art.
Theme: When time becomes tangible
All media will be considered.


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Organization GALERIAZERO - contemporary art
City Oosterhout (Netherlands)
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We open the 4th edition of GZ-BASEL 2017 at an intimate top location situated just 500 meter from Messeplatz (Art Basel) . It will be obvious that GZ-Basel this year will be an unavoidable element in the Basel art circuit. Not only because of the outstanding selection of art works, but as well due to its priviligious location ,generous opening times (until 10 pm) its hospitality (free drinks) and , not less important, the possibility to meet the artists in person.
" When time becomes tangible"
Time has been considered as our 4th dimension. It does not only allow to display our art here and now, but it means as well an extention to a wider scale that we cannot foresee. It will remain in memories. It will talk about our time, our feelings and visions. As we realize that time is the transmitter that allows us to be in touch with the feelings and visions of people in history, we may admit that time is a decisive factor that we can feel at this very moment.

Criterions for selection:
We are selecting professional and innovative works of outstanding artistic quality. Works of all media and origin will be considered. At the same time we accentuate the diversity as characteristic for this event -in line with the global reality.
We count with abstract and figurative painting, photography, video-art, installation, sculpture and peformance.​
The participation prospectus may be applied HERE


Organization GaleriaZero

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  GALERIAZERO - contemporary art   

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