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Language Access Leadership Academy Launched to Increase Number of Leaders in the Field

Release Date | 2012-07-11

The IMIA recently launched the Language Access Leadership Academy to train future leaders in language access

Language Access Leadership Academy Launched to Increase Number of Leaders in the Field

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Organization International Medical Interpreters Association
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The International Medical Interpreters Association is happy to announce the launch of a new program that aims to educate those that want to lead in the field of language access in health care. “The Leadership Academy will provide a specialized program that will enhance participants knowledge and skills in our sector,” said Ira SenGupta, IMIA Board, and Co-Chair of the Academy. “We are excited to raise the number of individuals that are going to push this agenda forward in the next few years.” The 8-month program runs from September 4 through May 1, and will run annually with 1.5 hour classes running every two weeks. Individuals who complete the program will become Leadership Academy Fellows and will have annual reunions and networking opportunities after the program. Registration is open and closes on August 15th.

Leadership is not about exercising authority over people or by winning over people, but it is the ability to bind a group together, persuading and motivating them to seek defined objectives enthusiastically.

Who is this program for? Some interpreter managers state that they do not have all the information or strategy at their fingertips to convince their own hospital administrators of the need for more interpreters or for greater access. Individuals in community service organizations are also looking for greater skills and knowledge to further their work in language access. Medical interpreters who wish to make a difference can benefit from this program. Last, interpreter association leaders who also wish to further their abilities in leadership will find this 8-month program enlightening. “It took us almost a year to finalize the curriculum, ensuring the program demands are realistic for the working adult. The decision to make it an online program increased access and lowered the cost of the program for all,” said Izabel Arocha, M.Ed., CMI-Spanish, and Executive Director for the IMIA and Co-Chair of the Academy. Arocha and SenGupta learned much needed information through IMIA’s participation in the Disparities Leadership Program, run by Joseph R. Betancourt, MD, MPH, Director of the Disparities Solution Center’s We value the support and advise he and Dr. Alex Green gave us for this project.” "IMIA has brought great deal of recognition to the field of medical interpretation over the years. Now it is exciting to see the organization helping to empower more leaders within the field to take action towards improving the care of linguistic minorities," said Alexander Green, MD, who is also on the advisory board of the IMIA.

“Our field, more than ever, requires leaders with the tools and vision to make change a reality. Leadership is about the impact we have while doing world class work, playing at our peak passion, delivering results, transforming problems into great achievements and leaving the world better than we found it. However, before we improve the world, we need to improve ourselves by acquiring the necessary leadership tools. The IMIA Leadership Academy is a wonderful opportunity to those committed to go to the next level,” said Lola Bendana, President of the IMIA.

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About IMIA
The International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA) is an umbrella association that promotes all standards and best practices in the field of medical interpreting. As an international non-profit organization of medical interpreters, it represents over 2,000 practicing medical interpreters as the ultimate experts in medical interpreting and as the best option for equitable care for minority language patients around the world. IMIA promotes language access as a human right. The IMIA has been professionalizing the field for over 25 years, developing the first code of ethics, standards of practice, national and now international conference on medical interpreting, and national certification. The latest accomplishments include developing the first code of ethics for interpreter educators and an accreditation for medical interpreter educational programs. The IMIA contains the only free international registry of medical interpreters, where they can be found by language, state, or country.


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