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Release Date | 2015-05-11
This month in Innova: Innovation and Education

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CityBihorel (France)
Kontax - HTT - Bihorel - France - Which sector is the most important in terms of innovation? Education should be high on the list, as the key to knowledge, and a better future ... So for this edition of "Innova", we invited Audencia Group to report on their latest innovations...

Did you know?
The country in which public spending on education is the highest: Cuba, with 12.8% of GDP (2010 data)


Audencia Group (Audencia Nantes, EAC, Sciencescom) is the first institution in higher education to co-create its strategic plan.

Innova: What are your latest innovations?

Audencia: Audencia is now recognized as the co-created School. From the classroom to its alliance strategy, Audencia is building its future on a collaborative basis, by allowing all of its stakeholders to be involved in the process.

In line with this vision and its values, Audencia has innovated by introducing a unique approach of consultation open to all. From students to graduates, employees and partners, Audencia has invited all of its stakeholders to put forward proposals and help build its strategic plan, #Audencia2020.

Through an open forum in which participants can give free rein to their ideas and creativity, and then via an online platform, the future of Audencia is being co-created.

Innova: How can translation help you?

Audencia: One of Audencia’s goals is to have a 50% international population of students by 2025, so all of our communications are bilingual, with the support in particular of HTT for translation.

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Contact: Andrew Taylor

Did you know?
775 million people in the world are illiterate, two thirds of them women.



“Combining tradition and technology, theory and practice, altruism and entrepreneurship – all in a variety of fields – translations for business schools are among the most difficult – but that is what makes them so interesting for the translator.”

Malcolm Duff is the Senior Translator and CEO of HTT, and the Chief Editor of Inttranews.

Did you know?
Did you know? The country in which the number of researchers in R&D (per million people) is the highest: Finland (data 2010-2014)

This edition of Innova has been translated into 20 languages: Arabic, Armenian, Bengali, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Danish, English, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish.


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