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“Translators for Journalists” Network Launches to Help Defend Freedom of the Press

Release Date | 2014-06-10

The “Translators for Journalists” network of linguists, all of whom are members of Kontax, the multilingual press release and news service, translates, publishes and distributes copyright-free articles in order to promote freedom of the media worldwide.

“Translators for Journalists” Network Launches to Help Defend Freedom of the Press

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Paris, France - 6 June 2014 - On the day of the launch of Translators for Journalists, the body of Naseeb Karnafah, a Libyan journalist on Al-Wataniya TV, was found in a cemetery in Sabha two days after she had been kidnapped. Her throat had been cut.

Her death and those of her colleagues around the world are both the motive for the creation of Translators for Journalists, and the reason why the standards we apply in our work must be of the highest order.

The Translators for Journalists network of linguists, all of whom are members of Kontax, translate copyright-free articles about freedom of the media. The content is provided for one Google News-accredited press site in each language, thus promoting the translator, the source for the article, and the issues it addresses.

Journalists like Naseeb are harassed, kidnapped, imprisoned, tortured and killed every day all around the world. It is not a question of east or west, north or south. In any country there will always be people who try to curb the freedom of journalists to remind us of our own.

If the right to write, read, say or think what we want is universal, the most important liberty is that of the press, because it safeguards all the others. The proof is that in every country where democracy is in peril, those in power – whether it has been given to them or taken – try first to muzzle journalists, power over the press being the key to power over the people.

Linguists are not foreign to the work of journalists or to the conditions they endure. According to Inttranews, the daily bulletin for the language industry, 1,329 interpreters have been killed or murdered in action since 2001*, many of them working as “fixers” for the press. Translators are also harassed, kidnapped, imprisoned, tortured and killed for doing their job.

The responsibilities of linguists are similar to those of journalists, because we are the only means by which information about attacks on freedom of speech in one country can be made known in another. Both professions are responsible for what they write, and above all, both need people: who can trust an article produced or translated by software?

For these reasons, Translators for Journalists must apply standards and practices similar to those of journalists, in the choice of subject matter, in its treatment, and in the procedures used to ensure our translations are accurate, accountable, and do not endanger journalists such as Naseeb Karnafah.

In so doing, Translators for Journalists will not only inform about attempts to curb freedom of speech in the media, but also help protect the public’s freedom of thought.

Further information
If your translation company supports freedom of the media, and your in-house linguists wish to join the network, please email the Kontax webmaster, indicating the language combination(s) you can provide.

* See:,_unite!-1081-en.html

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